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Latte with chocolate topped with whipped cream

  • 12 oz. mug
  • 12 oz. hot cup with sleeve (16 oz. hot cup with whipped cream)

  • Doppio of espresso
  • 8 oz. of milk, steamed, 160°F
  • 30g dark chocolate or 40g sweet chocolate
  • Whipped cream, optional
  • Chocolate drizzle

  1. Pull a shot of espresso per the steps under “espresso”
  2. Measure out selected chocolate in cup
  3. Pour espresso into cup and stir until chocolate is dissolved
  4. Pour selected milk into 20 oz. frothing pitcher
  5. Steam milk to latte texture
  6. Pour milk into espresso, making sure to mark the crema
  7. Optionally top with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle
  8. Serve to customer


Served in a 16 oz. cold cup, 8 oz. ice, measure chocolate in frothing pitcher, pour shot into frothing pitcher, stir until dissolved, hand froth milk to latte texture, pour both over ice at the same time, optionally top with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle