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Matcha Latte

Japanese inspired latte made with a green matcha tea base and combined with steamed milk, topped with light foam

  • 12 oz. mug
  • 12 oz. hot cup with sleeve

  • 12 oz. of milk, steamed
  • 1 tsp of matcha

  1. Split milk evenly into two 12 oz. pitchers
  2. Add matcha to one pitcher
  3. Steam pitcher of milk with matcha to latte texture
  4. Leave to steep for approximately 2 minutes
  5. Steam pitcher of milk to latte texture
  6. Pour milk with matcha into cup
  7. Pour milk into matcha, making sure to mark the crema
  8. Serve to customer


Served in a 16 oz. cold cup, 8 oz. of ice, steam pitcher of milk with matcha, let steep, hand froth pitcher of milk, pour both pitchers over ice at the same time